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* - Some courses will have prerequisites training to better guide your journey, all prerequisites are also included in membership.

FAQs 💭

  • How does this work?

Click "Cub" and put in your email to get your resource.

  • When do I receive my stuff?

You’ll get an email with a link to the resources, also on your Gumroad. We'll invite you to join our community via Discord ⚡️

  • How does Aquarius Academy work?

Training is $99 for non-enrollees. Enrollment for $50/m unlocks everything. 🔓 Subscriptions are safe + secure through Gumroad, 7-day trial available, and you can cancel anytime. 🔒

  • What is Gumroad?

Gumroad is a trusted marketplace that lets us deliver you videos, PDFs + more. All credit cards + Paypal accepted.

  • How can I spread the word?

Like + comment on our Youtube videos to help our message reach more people, you know the drill... To earn while you share, ioin our affiliate team.

  • Can I get a discount??

Ask and you shall receive. Use AQUA at checkout for 30% off, and keep an eye open for free resources only at in Aquarius Academy

Want to chat with like-minded humans?

Meet us in discord, and tag us along in your mystic journey @AquariusAcademy

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Get back on track with Discover your Purpose [Video Course + Worksheet]

Activate the Law of Attraction with the 24-week Master Key Journey [Email Series]

Understand the Universe in under 2 hours: Introduction to Universal Consciousness [Video Course + PDF]

All memberships include a 1 week free trial
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